Frequently asked questions:

Question: What are the high level specs of the Airsafe?

There are two versions of the device. The first is box shaped and can hang from the ceiling or go on the ground. It includes a filter for large dust/allergen particles of the sort that may cause sneezing. The air flow rate is ~500 CFM. The second device is a tall cylinder, which shoots air up to drive down aerosols in the room. It has an adjustable air flow rate ranging from 800 to 1800 CFM. Both devices use robust, steel construction.

Question: What certification does the Airsafe carry?

All Airsafes are ETL certified. Due to the simplicity of the device, and that it is not meant for full sterilization of biolabs, or anything like that, we would rather focus on manufacturing quality and product improvements rather than spending resources jumping through regulatory hoops to slap whatever other label the Airsafe could be eligible for. There is no standard on ending pandemics. There are no panaceas. All you can do is take reasonable preventive measures based on the extensive scientific data to date.

Question: What are the lead times?

Lead times are currently 3-4 months for large orders, with the processes in place to scale to tens of thousands of units, or hundreds of thousands with an extra month.

Question: Where are you based and where are your products manufactured?

Reflow Labs is strategically headquartered halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, in a low population density (i.e. low COVID risk) area with good availability of energy, materials, and construction labor. We are manufacturing our first generation of products in China where there are currently fewer bottlenecks and it is easier to scale extremely rapidly. In parallel, we will be establishing a US-based manufacturing capacity to mitigate risk from the possibility of Three Gorges Dam collapse and the possibility of state seizure of manufacturing capacity in China as awareness of our product grows.

Question: Do you have patent protection?

The Airsafe is patent pending, with the various approaches that allow us to make these devices much smaller, quieter, and less costly than anything comparable. Since there are currently no products on the market anywhere close to our specs, it is unlikely that purchasing from someone else will lead you to infringe on any of our IP.

Question: Why is no one else doing this?

Everything always seems more obvious looking backwards. The reality is we have been living under a pandemic, it's been stressful, and we have all missed things. In fact, before developing the Airsafe, we developed a copper-based spray paint ( to prevent fomite transmission. As the evidence kept coming in, it became clear that reducing airborne transmission was of far greater importance.

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