The team behind Reflow Labs has a wide range of experience ranging from high power photonic devices for medical application to consumer product design, manufacturing, and e-commerce. However, the primary background of our team comes from the aerospace and defense industry. In high performance aerospace systems it is sometimes necessary to take a cleansheet approach and ask "what is the absolute best way to build this given the constraints we have?"

Unfortunately, that question has not been asked enough during the COVID-19 pandemic because we have all been scrambling to just do what we already know works and get that into place i.e. PPE and working toward a vaccine (though the timeline for the latter is of course uncertain). In that time, many manufacturers of air purification devices, whether originally built as consumer products or for hospitals, have realized there devices offer at least *some* benefits.

However, these are not purpose-built devices for the current situation so they are far from optimal, and often not cost-effective solutions. Rather than marketing an existing device for coronavirus, we started with the problem and worked our way backward.

Reflow Labs is proudly established in 2020 and is uniquely offering a set of products that are built for 2020. Our technology is designed to rapidly scale to massive quantities so whatever your needs are, we are here to support you in making your spaces safer for customers, clients, or employees.

Want to join our team? Here are some of the roles we are interested in:

  • Acoustic Engineer
  • Fluid Simulations
  • Optical Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Engineering (ME/EE)
  • Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering
  • Account Management

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